GNF (3 & 10KG)

GNF is a combination of minerals, amino acids, and a prebiotic which have a role in general metabolism and are required for normal feed conversion. It should be used to complement the feeding stuff of horses.


EGUSIN 250 (5.25KG)

Egusin 250 Crumble Pellets are nutritional pellets which neutralise excess gastric acid and provide the stomach with dietetic fibres to protect against the recurrence of "stress stomach"



Egusin SLH Powder (Stomach Lining Health). Assists in the healing of the stomach lining. A nutritional supplement which re-establishes the protective mucosal membranes and epithelial surfaces of the stomach and intestinal linings.


GASTRO - COAT (3,6,10 & 20KG)

A Dietary Supplement of Natural Compounds for the Gastro-Intestinal Tract of Horses.